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Mrs.R has been tirelessly working on the logistics of the Star’s Rat Train. To learn more please read her recent posts here on Rattitude.com, the RatChatter.com forums, and of course at StarsRatRescue.com.

As we have volunteered to both adopt and relay some rats in need we found ourselves in need of current passports. This is generally not a real overwhelming issue but the timing could be a bit better … as it is, I am writing this post as I sit in the waiting area of my local Passport Canada Services office. All my documents are in order so it is simply a matter of waiting for my ticket to be called, speaking to an agent and paying the necessary fees.

Like other posts written from my iPhone, this one will be “published” once I have a chance to sit down at my desk and do a quick review and add a couple of appropriate links.

More to follow …

Peanut and the Rats

Mrs.R wrote a post on the RatChatter forums earlier tonight introducing our newest family member, Peanut. Peanut is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Here he is in his new home:

Peanut the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

He is an adorable little boy that we are “fostering” while he waits for a dental procedure. The veterinarian that is performing the procedure is very close to were we live which I believe made it that much easier for the Toronto Humane Society (THS) to allow us to care for Peanut, at least until then. Peanut currently has his profile on the front page of the THS web site. The profile explains Peanut’s special needs:

I have maloccluded incisors, which means that my front teeth grow all funny, making it difficult for me to eat. Before I go home, the vets here are going to remove them!

We will be taking care of Peanut before he has his operation, as his foster family, with every hope that we will become his permanent adoptive home.

… but what about the rats?

Please remember the Toronto Humane Society is funded strictly by donations; AND, is a no kill shelter! They can use all the help people can offer. Also, something that is near and dear to our hearts is the re-homing of the rats they currently have in their care … approximately 90 as of this evening. We saw almost all of them while we were looking for Peanut.

The rats range from the young to the not so young, but they all appeared curious and interested in the humans wandering around … and if we had room … if we had room …

THS Logo is property of the Toronto Humane Society
Toronto Humane Society
To all of my readers, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, if you have room for one … or two … or three … or more rats in your home please go to the THS on River Street and adopt them. If you do not have room at the moment, please consider a donation … and Thank You.

3 New Girls

Just like Mrs.R wrote recently on the RatChatter forums, I am writing an introductory post for the latest addition to our mischief.

Although we do not consider ourselves rescuers we seem to have gathered a bit of a reputation for taking in rats that need a new home; and, we give them their forever home. Our latest additions are three adorable little girls from a nice family that recognized they would not be able to offer the time and attention fancy pet rats need.

Here are a couple of pictures of the little ones in their temporary (quarantine) home:

Ditto and PJ
PJ and MJ

We hope to integrate these girls with our older group in a couple of weeks.

More Not Less

Although I have been posting mostly of our losses of late today I am happy to write a short bit about our new additions.

We have recently adopted two young rat boys. Their names are still to be decided although I am leaning towards Ossie and Skitch, but Mrs.R is not really a fan of either … yet.

Here is a picture of the boys their first night in quarantine:

Our two newest boys.

We adopted the little guys from a local big box pet store. We usually shop there for various pet supplies and often walk to the back of the store where they keep the small animals. They have had two rat enclosures for the last three to four weeks but we had never seen any movement out of the second smaller enclosure.

We asked one of the store employees and she said there were two boys in the smaller habitat that had been returned to the store although she was not working the day it happened. At the mention of the word “return” Mrs.R immediately decided they needed to come home with us as we both thought they would not be adopted by anyone else with the “returned” label being attached to them.

The boys are very sweet and in great health. They are still a little nervous when being handled. One insists on burying his head wherever he can, while the other is a nervous and jittery. That gave me the ideas for my name choices, but we will see what their behavior gives us for more ideas.

Update: The boys have their new names … Tom and Jerry

Bye Bye BJ

Being on vacation this week let us sleep in a bit so breakfast was a little later than usual. Even with that extra bit of sleep you cannot be prepared to wake up and find one of your little ones passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Since everyone is used to eating earlier I immediately make them breakfast once I wake up. Today, like every day, I count heads once I put the plates into their homes; and, I make sure there are no stragglers … everyone needs their breakfast.

BJ was nestled into a corner so I reached in to pick her up and put her with her sisters. She was cold to the touch. She was gone. Mrs.R and I both had the same dream that one of the girls has passed, little did we know it was BJ saying goodbye.

BJ - Jun 22, 2007 to Nov 25, 2009 - R.I.P.
BJ - Jun 22, 2007 to Nov 25, 2009 - R.I.P.

The Day of His Life

Today was Ash’s day. We hadn’t planned it. It just turned out that way.

Ash was sound asleep this morning at breakfast, he’s normally awake. Although his appetite has been waning he would still eat his breakfast every morning. Today he just wasn’t interested.

Ash was an affectionate little critter, always wanting and giving kisses. He would happily run up onto your shoulder and then stretch to give a kiss, or steal one as the case may be. Today he was too tired.

He’s been tired for some time now. He would come out for free range time, but would more often than not just find a comfortable corner and lay down. Today … today we knew it was most likely the day. Today we took Ash on a field trip.

We took Ash to the Cheltenham Badlands. Not your usual rat day trip, this was our very first one. Mrs.R took some pictures, you can find them on the RatChatter forums. Here is the original picture of Ash in my pocket, where he spent most of his time while we were there.

Mr. Ash found his way to the Rainbow Bridge a few hours after we returned home. He seemed quite peaceful and passed quietly in Mrs.R’s arms.

Ash - Rest In Peace - Jun 22, 2007 to Oct 10, 2009
Ash - Rest In Peace - Jun 22, 2007 to Oct 10, 2009


For most of the last hour I held little Prongs as he began the journey that would take him to the rainbow bridge.

Prongs is one of the prodigal sons. He is one of the boys who were returned home by our daughter. He seemed to have been waiting for her visit tonight.

Although time was beginning to show itself in Prongs he was still spry and loved to jump onto your shoulder once the door to the Ferret Nation he lived in was opened. He would often turn right around and jump back onto your shoulder after free range time. Tonight, after our daughter’s visit, Prongs seemed just a bit older than when she was here.

She had given him kisses and snuggled with him and he was happy. Although when I went to return him to his home with his brothers he appeared very tired, like he had used up all his energy waiting to see his Mama. Our daughter had been on vacation and had actually only returned a few hours before. Dinner with Mrs.R and myself; a visit with her boys; then, off to her friends. All was well in the world.

Prongs laid in my hands or arms … or hands … or arms. He was restless, then he was quiet, then restless, then quiet again. He took some water first from my finger tips then from the bowl I held to his lips. He became restless again, then quieted down to “help” me with some work. Once he got himself situated to see the screen he settled right in. About ten minutes later he nodded his head, took a deep breath and went on his way to the Rainbow Bridge.

Prongs - 22 Jun 2007 to 26 Sep 2009
Prongs - 22 Jun 2007 to 26 Sep 2009

Papa Passes

Ratchet became Ratchetu when he came into our home. There will only ever be one Ratchet!

Ratchetu had lived in the same home as our three girls I wrote about here. He had lived alone and was troublesome to introduce to any of our other boys so he stayed in the same room but in his own habitat. This was only for a couple of months before the Blue Crew came home.

Turq, Shadow, Colby, and Tanzi were so young and they fit in so well with Ratchetu that he no longer needed to live alone. He had four baby boys to tend; and, along the way he earned his more common name. Rachetu became Papachu or simply Papa. He took great care of the blue boys. He made the best pillow and he always kept the peace.

Today Papa just didn’t seem quite himself. He was quiet. He would not eat, not even a special treat of cooked chicken. He would not drink. He just wasn’t interested and if one thing could be said about Papa … he was always interested in food! We set him up on the love seat in the living room to better keep watch. We did not believe it to be too serious but felt better about having him nearby.

Papa passed to the rainbow bridge around 4:30 in the afternoon while Mrs.R was petting him. It was peaceful and quiet … and his time.

Papachu - Oct 2007 to 26 Sept 2009
Papachu - Oct 2007 to 26 Sept 2009