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Star’s Rat Rescue has started a Rat Train

Star’s Rat Rescue has started a Rat Train…please see below and please feel free to cross post..

Star’s Rat Rescue is in need of the following:

Overnight Stays

If you can do all three that’s wonderful, but if you can only do 1 that’s wonderful too. Please help a rat find his/her forever home.

Please send the following information to stars.rat.train@gmail.com


Email address:

Location: (City and State)

Please let us know if you can adopt rats, if you can please list how many and the sex.

Please let us know if you can provide transportation, please list what cities/states you are willing to travel to, how many rats you can carry in your vehicle and when you are available for transport.

Please let us know if you can keep some rats for a short period of time, until the next transport is available and how many you can accommodate.

Please send the information to the above email, as we have someone co-ordinating the rat train for us and they will contact you shortly. Once we have all the information and if we have enough people to help, we will then work with the adopters so they can choose the rat they want. Adopters, we will have pictures for you at that time.

Thank you.

Star’s Rat Rescue

Rescued Rats from Star's Rat Rescue
Rescued Rats from Star's Rat Rescue

Some of the wonderful Rats Star’s Rat Rescue has rescued.

We have a map of current adopters, if you would still like to adopt please email. If you can help with transportation, please email. Thank you.

Map of Adopters:

View Star’s Rat Rescue 2010 Rat Train in a larger map


That was the time, 5:21 AM, that Number 8 left for the Rainbow Bridge.

He was our “old man rat” for the longest time. Thin, a little slow moving, but still with a good appetite and an attitude. He snuggled on his terms, and his terms only.

Mrs.R and I had been expecting this for the last few days, maybe a week. Unfortunately we are starting to see these signs more clearly when the bridge is calling for these “old man rat” boys. They start getting quieter. They sleep just that little bit more. They take just that little bit longer to eat. Its almost as if they are savoring the last little bit of time they have with us before going to be with their brothers and sisters.

Mrs.R stayed with him or he stayed with her, depending on your perspective, last night as we were fairly certain it was time …

… a few minutes after 5:30 Mrs.R woke me. Number had passed. She whispered it was 5:21 when he left and I thought to myself … 8.

Number 8 - R.I.P.
Number 8 - R.I.P.