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Et Tu, Bruiser?

This month has not ended very well, our Bruiser passed today while we were away.

Mrs.R and I arrived home together today and as usual proceeded to refill food bowls and put out fresh water in all the rat homes.  As we were in the middle of the boys habitats Mrs.R suddenly exclaimed, “Bruiser is dead!”  I had started at the other end of the room so I had not noticed him lying on his side at the bottom of his recently segregated level.

Bruiser had possibly re-injured his back foot two days ago as it was more swollen than usual.  He was born with a slight deformity in his left hind ankle that fused as he grew older, he never seemed to notice it. We started Bruiser on Metacam and added some antibiotics to his food as Metacam is an immunosuppressive anti-inflammatory. We had planned to take Bruiser to the vet tonight as his right eye also appeared to be slightly protruded and his breath smelled … well, it was really bad. As Mrs.R said, Bruiser did not want anything to do with being poked and prodded this time, so he made his way to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be joining his sister, Sweet Pea.

Bruiser is survived by his brother, Dash.

Bruiser RIP

Minx Has Left The Building

Minx has left the building and moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Born June 30, 2007 of Sweet Pea and Gordon, he lived well until just very recently. It was only few weeks earlier we noticed Minx losing weight but having no other symptoms.  As a precautionary measure we put everyone on our vet recommended prophylactic antibiotic just in case it was some sort of infection.  As all of our other boys, and girls, are doing fine it seemed the best course of action.

Minx’s condition did not change.  It really did not worsen, but it also did not improve. Tonight, as I walked in the door after doing my habitual Tuesday night rat laundry, I found Mrs.R holding Minx in her arms and thought what a sweet sight.  Then I noticed the look in her eyes, and knew.

Minx took his last breath in Mrs.R’s arms as she whispered softly to him, it was OK to go to the bridge and be with his mother, father, and sister Hyper.

Minx RIP

Hyper’s Gone

It’s been quite a crazy couple of days. We have a brand new grandson, Mrs.R and the Jack Ratticus are speaking again, and our little Hyper girl moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.

In all the excitement of Kaden’s arrival I did not want to leave Hyper’s passing as only a footnote to recent events.

Hyper was our little fighter. She passed due to complications / after effects of a pasteurella infection. Her sister Wallflower has made an apparent complete recovery. Our Sweet Pea and Missy also passed earlier from this same thing. Hyper made a valiant effort at living through the debilitation of the sickness but finally succumbed the night of December 5th, as though she waited to know Kaden’s fate, then satisfied he would be well, she made her way home to be with her family at the Rainbow Bridge.

We will miss our little Hyper girl. We will miss her rushing to the edge of her cage every time we went into the kitchen; she lived in the dining room near the end. We will miss her licks and nuzzling every time we petted her.

I found her laying on her side, slightly stretched out, in her final sleep. Finally at rest, and at peace. Until we meet again at the bridge little one, we will be missing you.