Old Man Jeremy

‘Twas his time to leave this place,
to pass into the silence, full of grace.

He struggled and fought,
but this day no more life could be bought.

The grim reaper had come calling,
and his timing was nothing short of appalling.

His brethren made no fuss,
to them this is life and so must pass as thus.

At the bridge he now waits,
with family and friends before the pearly gates.

Our Jeremy left us today to make his way to the Rainbow Bridge.  He was the oldest and will be sorely missed.  Jeremy is survived by his brother Gordon as well as Teetu and Bruiser from the older home.  The rest of the boys paid their respects as is our custom. There have been so many … so quickly recently that I can say no more.

The prose above is for Jeremy, as written … in the here and now.

Jeremy - RIP
Jeremy - RIP

2 thoughts on “Old Man Jeremy

  1. I’m so sorry for your losses. I know what it’s like. I’ve rescued 25 over the eight years and I have three with me now. One ancient guy has been with me for over two years and he’s going strong. He the last of a chocolate four-pack. The other two were feeder rats who are a stitch and a half. Rats are so darn funny.

    1. I really couldn’t say what our life would be without rats. They really do get into your psyche. Thank you for your condolences, losing a pet can be a trying time. Right now we have rats ranging in age from about four months to close to three years. Fortunately most have passed due to age related reasons, a few have passed much too early. We are also fortunate to have our community at RatChatter.com for support and understanding. Please feel to drop by.

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