Today is Friday, the human laundry day of late.

I had just gotten back from doing laundry this morning and took a moment to look in on Peeka, Cat, and the four white girls that now live with them.  I noticed Peeka laying on her side at the bottom of their home and thought it odd since she normally sleeps on the shelves near the top. I looked closer.

Peeka was not moving, nor was she asleep. Sometime while I was at the laundromat little Peeka rat passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. There was no warning, there were no early signs.

Although I am not a veterinarian, I gave her as thorough a physical exam as I could think of.  She had no porphyrin whatsoever; there were no open wounds or apparent broken bones; and, there were no lumps, bumps, or anything else to indicate an obvious tumor.  She was, except for her obvious condition, the picture of health. It will remain a mystery …


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