Papa Passes

Ratchet became Ratchetu when he came into our home. There will only ever be one Ratchet!

Ratchetu had lived in the same home as our three girls I wrote about here. He had lived alone and was troublesome to introduce to any of our other boys so he stayed in the same room but in his own habitat. This was only for a couple of months before the Blue Crew came home.

Turq, Shadow, Colby, and Tanzi were so young and they fit in so well with Ratchetu that he no longer needed to live alone. He had four baby boys to tend; and, along the way he earned his more common name. Rachetu became Papachu or simply Papa. He took great care of the blue boys. He made the best pillow and he always kept the peace.

Today Papa just didn’t seem quite himself. He was quiet. He would not eat, not even a special treat of cooked chicken. He would not drink. He just wasn’t interested and if one thing could be said about Papa … he was always interested in food! We set him up on the love seat in the living room to better keep watch. We did not believe it to be too serious but felt better about having him nearby.

Papa passed to the rainbow bridge around 4:30 in the afternoon while Mrs.R was petting him. It was peaceful and quiet … and his time.

Papachu - Oct 2007 to 26 Sept 2009
Papachu - Oct 2007 to 26 Sept 2009

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  1. Oh what a sweet boy, loving the blue babies so much, he left you in a wonderful way, I am sorry Terri.

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