Black Jack played his last hand today. He played it well, then in the quiet of the afternoon he left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Today is Friday and like most Fridays I spend the day taking care of things around home. I do laundry. I clean the boys’ cages. I vacuum. I run some errands. My day fills up quickly.

Laundry was laundry, what can i say … it’s laundry. Cleaning the boys’ homes was fairly mundane with the exception of taking the doors off Black jack’s section as he had managed to coat the entire lower frame with his splashing about in his meals. Black Jack’s diet of late has been primarily our “baby food” breakfast. He always had his dry staple food available but with his “advanced” age it was much easier to make sure he was eating by providing breakfast four to five times a day, depending on his appetite. Black Jack had what I call “old man syndrome”, appearing much older than what his chronological age or as compared to his brothers. As frail as he was he was still very spirited and if left to his own devices would quickly find his way to the floor or some other place that he really should not have gotten into.

Today was no different for Black Jack, or at least that is what I believed. I had moved him to his “box” while I cleaned up his home. He seemed comfortable and went to sleep, although I was a little concerned when I picked him up from his cage. He was cool to the touch, more so than the room temperature would cause and although slightly agitated and freely moving he felt “stiff”. After I had finished with his Ferret Nation and was preparing to take him home I decided to sit with him for a bit as he seemed … he seemed … well, his eyes were near empty.

We sat together for a while. He slept for a bit, then woke up seemingly refreshed and ready for lunch. There was still a bit of breakfast left from this morning, enough to tide him over for a couple of hours. He was more interested in simply going home and getting comfortable in familiar surroundings … little did I know. Black Jack bluffed me into believing he would be fine, although I think I really knew that today was likely going to be his last and just was not ready to accept it, yet.

I put Black Jack into a freshly made nest, and finished getting ready to go out. Black Jack played his last hand while I was gone; this time … it was a bust.

Black Jack - RIP: June 22, 2007 to November 6, 2009
Black Jack - RIP: June 22, 2007 to November 6, 2009

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