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  1. I have pet rats and I’ve considered putting tree branches in their cage, but I’m afraid branches from outdoors might contain parasites like ticks and mites. Should I bake the branches, and if so, how should I do it?

    1. Thank you for visiting and asking this question.
      Giving your pet rats a natural chew toy such as tree branches is a great idea. Apple tree branches and twigs make for a flavorful treat. Your concerns for the potential of parasites is also very conscientious. You should also make sure that no pesticides or any other chemicals where used on the branches you are collecting. I would not recommend “baking” the branches for several reasons, but you can put them in your freezer for approximately one week and that will generally take care of any bugs. If you have ANY concerns for chemical contaminants then I would recommend NOT using the branches at all.

  2. Much like you both, I too have lost many of my “children”….and understand the pain. Most recently, I lost Bandit…which confuses me as he was fine one moment..and not the next (stroke). Some of my rats (I call them bRats since they’re spoiled) remind me of our first ones – especially of Cheezer and Inop (I’m on a GMR kick because I can’t live without them). Velveteen reminds me of Cheezer…who would get out of the cage just to sleep on my feet at night…or he’d constantly come over to me while he was out just to make sure I was still there and watching him. I’ve been having issues with my female rats — they get mammary gland problems (lumps). I’ve already had to take them to the vet for surgery so they could be removed — is there something I’m doing wrong…or is it hereditary?

    1. @Poni – I appreciate you sharing your rat history with us. As to the “lumps”, to the best of my understanding this is more often a hereditary issue than anything else. Have you spoken with your vet regarding possible lifestyle alternatives for your rats?

  3. PS: Regarding some of the questions regarding branches, there are Branch Bites (made out of fruit wood) that are perfectly safe for your “kids”. They can be found at most pet supply stores and aren’t that expensive. 🙂

  4. Are you located in San Diego, CA? I would like to offer small fleece pouches to you for your foster rats. I’m making them for Wee Companions and Project Wildlife. All from free scraps. Please let me know if I can help. I love ratlings.

  5. I live in Orange County, Ca and I am working with a breeder in San Fransisco on adopting a couple of little dumbo rats. Shipping is not an option. I am wonderng if anyone knows anyone in the San Fransisco area that might be able to meet half way to pick them up.

    Thanks in advance for you time

  6. Hello! I love your lovely sajt about rats,and I love your organisation Rattitude. I love all rats tame and wild,and I want to help organisations with money who help rats. Where can I donate money with your bankkonto from owerseas? I come from Europe,and I live in Sweden. Have you donante konto to Rattitude? I want to help rats,mice and Rattitude! I have looked on Rattitudes homesides,but I can not find sajts there I can click on Donate money and another things as we can give to Rattitude and rats and mice. I am not miljonar,but I can help with small donations so often I can.
    It is so nice to read about lovely people as started organisations for help the poor little rats and mice.
    Tame and wild. I love Rattitude! Please write again soon so I can help!

    Yours Sincerely Ola Johanzdåothir,Ratlover

    1. @Ola – Thank you for your interest. I had not thought of putting a “Donate” button on this web site, but if you wish to donate some monies that will be put to the betterment of fancy pet rats please feel free to visit one of my other websites http://BuyNowShop.com and you will find a donate button in the sidebar there. Thank You.

  7. Thank you for being a voice for pet rats. I’ve loved and lost many sweet rat friends over the years. If any animal is in need of advocacy and the dispelling of ignorant bias among humans, it would be rats.

    However, I’m confused by your pain medication guide for rats. Specifically, the top line indicating that aspirin is a safe analgesic for rats, up to a dosage of 400 mg per kilogram of body weight. I had always heard (and read) that aspirin is quite toxic to rats, resulting in renal (kidney) failure. Indeed, I lost one of my favorite pet rats to kidney failure after he managed to find a package of aspirin that I had tucked away at the bottom of a dresser drawer, where he chewed it open and ate a few. (I was away on vacation at the time, and family members were looking after him.)

    A web search shows various studies on the toxicity of aspirin in rats. To cite just one source, there is an article by Eldon M. Boyd in the May 1971 issue of The American Journal of Nursing (relevant preview available at jstor.org), that discusses research showing that aspirin can be toxic to rats in doses of 200 mg per kilogram of body weight. (And higher doses can be fatal, since rats cannot vomit.) Of the testing of aspirin on albino rats, he wrote:

    “Albino rats did not vomit the orally administered aspirin and were killed by doses of the order of 1 gram per kilogram, females being more susceptible than males. The minimal retained does producing toxic signs was 0.2 gm per kilogram. (That is, 200 mg per kilogram.) Lethal doses produced such reactions as a violent local gastroenteritis with anorexia and diarrhea, hepatitis and nephritis and an early death following convulsions, or a delayed death in cardiovascular shock. Similar results were obtained in guinea pigs.”

    Perhaps there has been more recent research that has nullified the earlier research, and demonstrated that low levels of aspirin are not that toxic to rats? I imagine that you have done research into this issue yourself; but I’m having trouble reconciling your recommended dosage of aspirin with various citations I’ve read over the years, that indicate that aspirin can be highly toxic to rats, even in quite small doses.

    I appreciate any response you have to offer, and I thank you once again for your compassionate and diligent advocacy for pet rats.

    1. Thank you for your interest and concern … and I must admit this article was copied from another source which I apparently omitted and cannot simply find now; but, as a reference to your aspirin concerns, please feel free to read this article: http://ratguide.com/meds/analgesics/aspirin.php

      PS: This site is essentially in maintenance mode and can be expected to be made static or simply taken down in the future. We chose some time ago to step back from the general rat community as it was no longer a benefit to remain … but that is a tail of a different breed. Mr.R

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