Missy. Our little miss. I always wanted a rat named Missy, or at least I have a habit of calling all our girls Missy. Our real little Missy wasn’t her first name, though. Missy’s first name was Spike.

We rescued (if you could even call it that) Missy, and her sisters, from a good hearted family that were not able to take care of them any longer. The daughter was the primary caregiver and she had developed allergies that made it near impossible for her to tend to the needs of the girls.

Missy, Peeka, and Cat-the-Rat came to us Feb 17, 2008.  Our best guess is they are close to one year old today, Oct 16, 2008.

Missy left us today. She left a hole in our hearts, and she will be missed by her friend Hyper whom she has lived with for the last two months. She is survived by her sisters Peeka and Cat, and the rest of her extended family.

Our dearly departed Sweet Pea, her daughters Wallflower and Hyper, and our little Missy all were stricken with a Pasteurella infection. Wallflower has made a complete recovery and returned home to be with her sisters.

Hyper and Missy w

ere still segregated in the rehabilitation resort habitat we set up for recoveries. Everyone has received multiple full courses of antibiotics. Hyper appears to be recovering but at a very slow pace, Missy was showing improvements up until last night.

Within just the last 24 hours, all of her progress disappeared and in the end she simply found herself a place to stretch out and lie down to sleep forevermore.