Our Frank

Frank was very sleepy and seemed in a quiet mood. He was an older rat, although now we are not so sure of his age. Frank stayed with us for the last 11 months before going to his new home at the Rainbow Bridge.

Frank came into our lives March 10, 2007. He arrived with his “brothers”, Gordon, Jeremy and Nibblett. We adopted all four from the Toronto Humane Society (THS). We had decided to go and take a look at their small animals. For those of you that know us, that really means we were going to add more to our family.

There were quite a few rats at the THS that day, and it was a difficult decision not to take them all, but we decided it would be best if we freed up one cage so the THS would have more room to care for the rats we were not taking with us.

All of the THS boys, as we have referred to them in the past, have thrived and live a good life, Frank perhaps growing the most both in size and personality. He was a big “squish”, loving to be held and petted. His bright eyes always welcomed you and his twitching nose was a sure sign he wanted to get closer to brux in your ear.

Frank is survived by his brothers, Jeremy his cage mate stayed with Frank until this morning when I found him. Frank was laying peacefully, slightly curled like he always did. His eyes were closed and his paws were relaxed with his tail curled around in front of him. Jeremy was laying behind Frank with his head on Frank’s hip, taking care of him until we could put Frank in his final nest.