Sweet Pea

It’s been a long day, actually a long few weeks.  Our little girl Sweet Pea has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. She was so full of life and curiosity. Always looking for a sleeve or a neckline to crawl into and explore.

She was stricken with what most likely was an aggressive Pasteurella infection that started in her lungs, and progressed to her head area.  This caused symptoms very similar to a Pituitary Tumor but our veterinarian believed it to be an abscess from the Pasteurella infection. Sweet Pea received treatment for almost four weeks, including numerous antibiotic injections and subcutaneous intravenous fluids.

In the end she slept her last morning peacefully in my arms until her final few breaths, which she quietly spent in Mrs. Rattitude’s arms. She was a mere 16 months old, much too young to leave us, but she did on her terms at her time. I am thankful to her doctor for helping us to choose to give her another 48 to 72 hours, although all she had left was barely a little more than a day.

Our Sweet Pea blessed us with a beautiful litter of healthy babies and we still care for them to this day. She is survived by her brothers Dash and Bruiser, her father Inky, and of course her sons and daughters.